Pondicherry UDC Exam 2023 solved question paper

  1. In which year was the first Inter-State Council set up?
    (A) 1990
    (B) 1991
    (C) 1992
    (D) 1993
  1. Which Constitutional Amendment Act provided for establishment of common High Courts for two or more states?
    (A) 5th Amendment
    (B) 6th Amendment
    (C) 7th Amendment
    (D) 9th Amendment
  1. Reproduction which does not involve union of male and female gametes is called
    (A) amphimixis
    (B) apomixis
    (C) parthenocarpy
    (D) polyembryony
  1. Which of the following ecosystem has the maximum biomass?
    (A) Pond ecosystem
    (B) Lake ecosystem
    (C) Grassland ecosystem
    (D) Forest ecosystem
  1. Which of the following plant reproduce by leaf?
    (A) Agave
    (B) Bryophyllum
    (C) Gladiolus
    (D) Potato
  1. Most animals that live in deep ocean waters are
    (A) Detritivores
    (B) Primary consumers
    (C) Secondary consumers
    (D) Tertiary consumers
  1. Good ozone is found in the
    (A) mesosphere
    (B) troposphere
    (C) stratosphere
    (D) ionosphere
  1. Which city was ranked first in India in the EIU ‘Global Liveability Index 2022’?
    A) Mumbai
    B) New Delhi
    C) Bengaluru
    D) Chennai
  1. The endangered species ‘Denison Barb’ is a
    (A) Crimson Rose Butterfly
    (B) Fresh Water Fish
    (C) Spot-billed Pelican
    (D) Swamp Deer
  1. H.W. Voysey of the Great Trigonometric Survey made the first Geological Map of
    (A) Madras region
    (B) Bombay region
    (C) Delhi region
    (D) Hyderabad region
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