Pondicherry UDC Exam 2023 solved question paper

  1. The Halley’s Comet was seen last in 1986 and it will be seen again on
    (A) 28th July 2061
    (B) 28th July 2066
    (C) 28th July 2056
    (D) 28th July 2051
  1. In which year English Education was introduced in India?
    (A) 1825
    (B) 1835
    (C) 1845
    (D) 1855
  1. Home Rule Movement declined after
    (i) Besant accepted the proposed Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms.
    (ii) Tilak went to Britain in September 1918 to pursue the libel case that he had filed against Valentine Chirol, the author of Indian Unrest.
    (iii) The Indian Home Rule League was renamed the Commonwealth of India League and used to lobby British MPs in support of selfgovernment for India
    Which of the above statement(s) (is/are correct?
    (A) (i) and (iii) only
    (B) (i) and (ii) only
    (C) (ii) and (iii) only
    (D) (i), (ii) and (iii)
  1. Among the following cells
    I. Leclanche cell
    II. Nickel – Cadmium cell
    Ill. Lead storage battery
    IV. Mercury cell
    Primary cells are
    (A) I and IV
    (B) I and III
    (C) III and IV
    (D) II and III
  1. Which one of the following is correctly matched?
    (A) Emulsion – Smoke
    (B) Gel – Butter
    (C) Foam – Mist
    (D) Whipped Cream – Sol
  1. Electrochemical process is used to extract
    (A) Iron
    (B) Lead
    (C) Sodium
    (D) Silver
  1. The geometry at which carbon atom in diamond are bonded to each other is
    (A) Tetrahedral
    (B) Hexagonal
    (C) Octahedral
    (D) None of these
  1. The establishment of _________ empire changed the administrative and institutional structures of South India.
    (A) Bahmani
    (B) Vijayanagar
    (C) Mughal
    (D) Nayak
  1. Which of the following battles helped Shershah to establish Suri Dynasty?
    (A) Battle of Kanauj 1540
    (B) Battle of Chausa 1539
    (C) Battle of Duhariya 1532
    (D) Battle of Chandewar
  1. Which of the following terms was not used for coins of Vijayanagar Empire?
    (A) Godyana
    (B) Pagoda
    (C) Varaha
    (D) Falus
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