Pondicherry LDC Exam 2023 solved question paper

1) Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is connected with(A) Microbes and organic matter(B) Organic matter(C) Microbes(D) NONE of the above 2) Nettle sting is a natural source of which acid?(A) Methanoic acid(B) Lactic acid(C) Citric acid(D) Oxalic acid 3) In bisexual flower, if androecium and gynoecium mature at different times, the … Continue reading

Pondicherry UDC Exam 2023 solved question paper

4. Match the following: I. Pangong Tso lake i. Mizoram II. Balpakram National Park ii. Assam III. Orang National Park iii. Meghalaya IV. Palak Dillake iv. Eastern Ladakh A) I -iv, II-iii, III-ii, IV-i(B) I-iv, II-iii, III -i, IV-ii(C) I-iii , II-ii, III-i, IV-iv(D) I-ii, II-i, III-iv, IV-iii

Pondicherry LDC Exam 2012 Question paper & Answer key

Pondicherry LDC Exam 2012 solved question paper 1) The material used for electrical fuse wire should have(A) high resistivity(B) low resistivity(C) low melting point(D) high melting point 2) Siladitya was the title of(A) Ashoka(B) Bimbisara(C) Samudragupta(D) Harshavardhana 3) The state/union territory of India which has larger female population than male … Continue reading

Way to success UDC 2022 Strategy Approach

Approach for UDC 2022 Exam with comparison to UDC 2015 & 2012 Exam Sl. No Subject Major Division No. of Qns in 2012 No. of Qns in 2015 Expected in 2022 Subject wise Total 2022 Ancient 3 3 3 1 History Medieval 4 6 5  15 Modern 7 8 7 … Continue reading

UGC NET computer science solved papers

Computer science paper II and III Computer Science and Applications Previous year Solved question papers Year Month Papers 2017 November Paper-II – January Paper-II Paper-III 2016 December – – June Paper-II Paper-III 2015 December Paper-II Paper-III June Paper-II Paper-III 2014 December Paper-II Paper-III June Paper-II Paper-III 2013 December Paper-II Paper-III … Continue reading

UGC NET Solved Paper – I

UGC NET Previous year question papers UGC- NET General Paper – I solved question papers Year Month Paper – I 2017 November View January View 2016 December ___ July View 2015 December View June View 2014 December View June View 2013 December View June View 2012 December View June View … Continue reading

Pondicherry UDC Exam 2015 solved question paper

Pondicherry UDC Exam 2015 solved question paper 1. An incandescent lamp is operated at 240 V and the current is 0.5 A. What is the resistance of the lamp? (A) 120 Ω      (B) 480 Ω        (C) 340 Ω       (D) 240.5 Ω 2. ‘The magnitude of emf induced in a closed circuit … Continue reading