Pondicherry UDC Exam 2023 solved question paper

  1. Sandy Storm is the autobiography of
    (A) Kapil Dev
    (B) Dilip Vengsarkar
    (C) Chetan Sharma
    (D) Sandeep Patil
  1. ‘Zero Hour’ in Parliament begins at
    (A) 10.00 am
    (B) 11.00 am
    (C) 12.00 Noon
    (D) 1.00 p.m
  1. The name of Dr. Norman Borlaug is associated with
    (A) Green revolution
    (B) Yellow revolution
    (C) White revolution
    (D) Blue revolution
  1. Chipko movement was launched for the protection of
    (A) forests
    (B) live stock
    (C) wetlands
    (D) grasslands
  1. The GSDP of the Union Territory of Puducherry has been estimated at Rs 39,019 crore for 2022-23. This is __________ higher than the previous year.
    (A) 6.02%
    (B) 4.09%
    (C) 5.50%
    (D) 3.90%
  1. Which of the following is NOT correctly paired?
    (A) Space Application Centre – Ahmedabad
    (B) National Remote Sensing Centre – Hyderabad
    (C) U R Rao Satellite Centre – Sriharikota
    (D) Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre – Trivandrum
  1. Which one of the following is NOT a concentric circle in the National War Memorial inaugurated in 2019?
    (A) Raksha Chakra
    (B) Tyag Chakra
    (C) Amar Chakra
    (D) Kirti Chakra
  1. Which one of the following statement(s) about commemorative stamps is NOT correct?
    (A) Commemorative postage stamps are issued on subjects / themes /institutions / personalities / events that have a national or international stature or have made national / international contribution or impact.
    (B) Stamp may be issued on a living or dead personality
    (C) The personalities on whom commemorative postage stamp may be issued should be of national or international importance
    (D) Also, the occasion to be commemorated must be the birth centenary or 10th / 25th / 50th /100th death anniversary
  1. Which part of the Indian Constitution consists of Articles on election?
    (A) Part XV
    (B) Part V
    (C) Part XX
    (D) Part X
  1. Which of the following statements regarding judicial review is correct?
    (A) It can be curtailed through an amendment
    (B) Only Supreme Court can exercise judicial review
    (C) Only legislative enactments can be examined through judicial review
    (D) It is a part of the basic structure of the Constitution
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