Strategy to Succeed UDC 2015

Dear Aspirants,

                    How Easy or Difficult to get a post out of 500 posts for UDC ???

Basic overview

  • Till date there are 50000 members registered for the UDC 2015 examination.
  • Out of which lets assume, Serious preparation for the exam will be around 10,000 members maximum.

                   So what is the real Competition ???

  • To get a post what is the ratio ?

                Posts : Real competitors

500 : 10,000    

1 : 20      

  • So  to get a single post you have to compete with 20 members.
  • so getting a post is not that much tough if you are a serious contestant.


Basic Traits to Face the Exam

Physical & Mental ability

  • Since from starting preparation for the exam many aspirants least care about their physical strength and mainly concentrate on preparing notes, reading, solving problems etc..
  • always bear in mind Physical health is equally important to your mental health, if you are not physically sound you cannot concentrate on studies and difficult to recollect in the examination.

                         Tips for maintain health

– Drink water regularly when you are studying.

– Sleep well don’t strain your self in late nights.

– Refresh yourself by a walk for few minutes.

– Concentrate on variety of subject then focus on a particular subject for a long time.

Smart worker   Vs   Hard worker

  • Always be a smart worker than a hard worker, when a competition exam its is highly stated that a smart worker has more chance of winning than a hard worker.
  • Smart worker mainly chooses the relevant information for the exam an focus on it whereas hard workers go on studying everything and mess up in the examination.


  • This is the foremost trait every aspirants should have in their minds. Yes “I will make success and get a post“.  Always tell your mind i am going on the right track and sure i  will make success.
  • Never bother about tough competition, make your mind free.
  • Never give up, some students start preparing seriously when the notification published but after a week or days they slowly gets lag by fear of vast syllabus and subjects.

what ever may be, confidence & never give-up policy will give you a fruitful result

Note: No person will solve all the 100 questions correctly, getting minimum 70 to 80 will sure get a chance to win the race