Pondicherry VAO 2014 Solved Question Paper

Pondicherry VAO 2014 Solved Question paper

1. A circle of l m radius is drawn inside a square as shown in figure given below. What is the area of the shaded portionvao2014a. 4 – Π               b. 1 – Π /2
c. 1/4 – Π/4       d. 1 – Π/4

2. 25 /11 – 25/22 / 7/161 + 3/18
a. 162/30            b. 162/25
c. 40/161            d. 25/161

3. For which of the following expressions would the value be greater if 160 were replaced by 120?
a. 1000 – 160
b. 160/(1+1/160)
c. 1/(1-1/160)
d. both a and c

4. What is the positive difference between the number of distinct prime factors of 152 and the number of distinct factors of 643
a. 1        b. 3         c. 5        d. 4

5. The arithmetic mean of a set of four numbers is 8.75. when a fifth number is introduced to the set, the mean of the set becomes 8. What is the fifth number
a. 8.375         b. 8.6
c. 10.3           d. 5

6. If the average of 27 -x, x-8 and 3x+ 11 is y, what is the average of 2y and 2y/3
a. 4x + 40
b. (4x + 40)/3
c. (8x + 80)/3
d. (2x+20)/3

7. If increasing 20 by P percent gives the same result as decreasing 60 by P percent, what is P percent of 70?
a. 45         b. 35
c. 60        d. 50

8. If xaxb= 1 and x ≠ ±1, a + b
a) x         b) -1          c) 0           d) 1

9. If 5n > 10,000 and n is an integer what is the smallest possible value of n
a. 5          b. 6
c. 9          d. 10

10. What is the length of a leg of isosceles right triangle with hypotenuse of 8 inches
a. 2√2 b. 4
c. 4√2 d. 8

11. The length of each side of square A is increased by 100% to make square B. If the length of the side of square B is increased by 50% to make square C, by what % is the area of square C greater than the sum of the areas of squares A and B?
a. 90%          b. 80%
c. 70%          d. 150%

12. If an arc with length of 12 Π is 3/4th of the circumference of a circle, what is the shortest distance between the endpoints the arc?
a. 4         b. 4√2
c. 8         d. 8√2

13. A chemist has 10 litres of a solution that is 10% nitric acid by volume. He wants to dilute the solution to 4% strength by adding water. How many litres of water he must add
a. 15         b. l8
c. 20        d. 25

14. In covering a distance of 30km, x takes 2 hours more than y. If x doubles his speed, then he would take 1 hour less than y. x’s speed is
a. 7.5kmph        b. 6.25kmph
c. 6kmph           d. 5kmph

15. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 36min and 45min respectively. A water pipe C can empty the tank in 30min. First A and B are opened, after 7min C is also opened. In how much time the tank will be full
a. 39min          b. 29min
c. 56min          d. None

16. The microcomputer, Intel MCS-80 is based on the widely used Intel
a. 8080 microprocessor
b. 8085 microprocessor
c. 8086 microprocessor
d. 4004 microprocessor

17. Which of the following terms describe 1024 kilobytes?
a. Kilobyte
b. Megabyte
c. Terabyte
d. Gigabyte

18. An internal storage consisting of arrays of small rings of magnetic material called ferrite is
a. Magnetic tape
b. Magnetic core
c. Magnetic disk
d. Optical mark reader

19. The fastest type of memory from the following list is
a. Tape
b. Semiconductor
c. Disk
d. Bubble memory

20. Which of the following printers, are you sure will not use if your objective is to print on multi carbon forms?
a. Daisy wheel
b. Dot-matrix
c. Laser
d. Thimble

21. Which language has been selected as the basis for the Japanese “fifth generation” computers
a. ALGOL            b. COBOL
c. PROLOG         d. C

22. MODULA is a
a. Programming language
b. Low level language
c. Assembly language
d. Machine language

23. Pixel is the short form of
a. Picture Element
b. Picture Excellent
c. Picture Light
d. Picture Limit

24. CTRL+V is the command to
a. Cut        b. Copy        c. Paste        d. Edit

25. ASCII stands for
a. American standard code for information interchange
b. All purpose scientific code for information interchange
c. American security code for information interchange
d. American Scientific code for information interchange

26. The Dutch captured and returned Puducherry to France by signing
a. The treaty of Ryswick in 1699
b. The treaty of Paris in 1763
c. The treaty of Paris in 1815
d. The treaty of Versailles in 1919

27. “Swatantram”, a tamil daily was started in the year
a. 1934         b. 1947
c. 1928         d. 1943

28. The last French commissaire in India was
a. Charles Francois Marie Baron
b. Charles Chambon
c. Andre Menard
d. Georges Escargueil

29. The pottery found in Arikanmedu was of origins
a. Roman          b. Greek
c. French          d. Egyptian

30. The French traveler who was the personal physician at the court of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb is
a. Francois Bernier
b. Jean-Baptiste Colbert
c. Cardinal Richelieu
d. Francois Caron

31. Kannagi Puratchi Kaapiyam was written by
a. Bharathiar
b. Bharathidasan
c. Prabanjan
d. Kalki

32. The list of coded instructions is called
a. Computer Program
b. Algorithm
c. Flowchart
d. Utility program

33. Which airlines on 19 Jan 2014 flew Boeing 777 plane powered by Bio-fuel?
a. Etihaad airways
b. British airways
c. US airways
d. Singapore airlines

34. In the Environment Performance Index (EPI) released on 25 January 2014 ranked out of 178 countries, India was ranked as
a. 140th          b. 155th
c. 135th          d. 170th

35. The “race of my life” is the autobiography of?
a. P.T. Usha
b. Shiny Abraham
c. Usain Bolt
d. Milkha singh

36. India has offered US $ 150 million of credit for project exports for establishing a special economic zone at Sittwe in?
a. Afghanistan
b. Myanmar
c. Sri Lanka
d. Nepal

37. Kerberos and Styx are the moons of?
a. Uranus
b. Neptune
c. Pluto
d. Jupiter

38. The early tsunami warning system was installed recently at Rangachang in
a. Daman & Diu
b. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
c. Lakshadweep
d. Pudhucherry

39. Reserve Bank of India uses reverse repo rate to?
a. Reduce the fiscal deficit
b. Increase liquidity of commercial banks
c. Increase liquidity in the market
d. Absorb liquidity from commercial banks

40. ‘Forint’ is the currency of which country
a. Suriname
b. Iceland
c. Hungary
d. Croatia

41. Who among the following archaeologists excavated the famous city of Mohenjo Daro?
a. Day a ram sahni
b. R.D. Bannerjee
c. M.S. Vats
d. Y.D. Sharma

42. Along which of these river did the Vedic civilization flourish
a. River Indus
b. River Gaggar
c. River Saraswati
d. River Tista

43. Which of the following Vedas deals with the procedure of sacrifices?
a. Yajur Veda
b. Rig Veda
c. Atharva Veda
d. Sama Veda

44. Name the source from which litmus solution is obtained
a. Base
b. Virus
c. Acid
d. Lichens

45. Factory wastes contains
a. Acids
b. Bases
c. Neutrals
d. None of the above

46. The tendency of a liquid drop to contract and occupy minimum area is due to
a. Surface tension
b. Viscosity
c. Density
d. Vapour pressure

47. A hollow sphere of radius R, a hollow cube of side R and a thin circular plate of radius R , made up of same material are all heated to 20°C above room temperature. When left to cool in the room, which of them will reach the room temperature first
a. Circular Plate
b. Cube
c. Sphere
d. All of them will reach room temperature at time.

48. A black hole is a body in space which does not allow any radiation to come out. This property is due to its
a. Very small size
b. Very large size
c. Very high density
d. Very low density

49. When a mirror is rotated by an angle θ, the reflected ray will rotate by
a.) 0°          b.) θ/2
c.) θ            d.) 2θ

50. Which one of the following is paramagnetic nature?
a. Iron           b. Hydrogen
c Oxygen      d. Nitrogen