Pondicherry LDC Exam 2023 solved question paper

1) Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is connected with
(A) Microbes and organic matter
(B) Organic matter
(C) Microbes
(D) NONE of the above

2) Nettle sting is a natural source of which acid?
(A) Methanoic acid
(B) Lactic acid
(C) Citric acid
(D) Oxalic acid

3) In bisexual flower, if androecium and gynoecium mature at different times, the phenomenon is known as
(A) Dichogamy
(B) Herkogamy
(C) Heterogamy
(D) Monogamy

4) Which of th e following is the correct sequence of a food chain?
(A) Diatoms – Crustaceans – Herrings
(B) Crustaceans – Diatoms – Herrings
(C) Diatoms – Herrings – Crustaceans
(D) Crustaceans – Herrings – Diatoms

5) Joshimath is located in
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) Uttarakhand
(C) Sikkim
(D) Uttar Pradesh

6) Which one of the following describes the lithosphere?
(A) Upper and lower mantle
(B) Crust and upper mantle
(C) Crust and core
(D) Mantle and core

7) Debris avalanche can be included in the category of
(A) Landslides
(B) Slow flow mass movements
(C) Rapid flow mass movements
(D) Subsidence

8) Match the following :
(1) Total Solar eclipse (a) The explosive death of a star
(2) Galactic movement (b) A magnetic storm on the sun
(3) Solar flare (c) Earth
(4) Super Nova (d) Diamond Ring

(A) (1)-(b), (2)-(a), (3)-(d), (4)-(c)
(B) (1)-(a), (2)-(c), (3)-(b), (4)-(d)
(C) (1)-(c), (2)-(a), (3)-(d), (4)-(b)
(D) (1)-(d), (2)-(c), (3)-(b), (4)-(a)

9) The Inter Tropical Convergence Zone normally occurs
(A) Near the Equator
(B) Near the Tropic of Cancer
(C) Near the Tropic of Capricorn
(D) Near the Arctic Circle

10) Spring tides are caused
(A) As result of the moon and the sun pulling the earth gravitationally in the same direction
(D) As result of the moon and the sun pulling the earth gravitationally in the opposite direction
(C) Indention in the coast line
(D) None of the above