Way to Success UDC 2015 – Strategic Approach

I have listed some expected area in major subjects for the UDC exam 2015.

Sl. NoSubjectMajor DivisionQuestions From (2012)Expected in (2015)
AncientIndus civilization, Buddha, Early Cholasfamous archelogical sites, Vedic philosophy,Jainism, Ashoka edicts, Inscriptions, Cholas
 1HistoryMedievalTemples location, Vijayanagar kingdom, Authors & BooksHarsha,Pallava,Mugals, Authors & books, Famous temples and places
ModernNational Movements, Social reforms & SocietiesSepoy mutiny, social reforms , chronological order in national movement, INC, Nehru policy
2GeographyMountain range, locations, ports, Eclipse, Biosphere reserves,Winds, Season & cultivation, Atmosphere, Land Degradation, Riverssame topics along with climate, protocols, biomass and bio fuels
3PolityArticls, Parts, Amendments, President, CAG, Administrative Tribunal, Famous case-preamble-fundamental rightssame topics along with prime minister, finance commission, CJI, speaker
4EnglishOddman out, Meanings, opposites,Misspeltsame topics
5AptitudeSimplify,fractions,clocks,time & distance, average,percentage,probability,rational numberssame topics along with age calculation, directions and verbal also
6EconomicsTax divisions,GDP,Banking basicsBanking rates, credit control, inflation, direct and indirect taxes, Broad money, FDI, GDP and financial institutions
PhysicsElectron,rays,waves,Electrical circuitMagnetic concepts, optical, medium, sound and light Basic physics concepts, famous inventions
7ScienceChemistryacid & gases Formula,polymers,Formulas, chemical reactions, basic chemistry concepts
BiologyDisease test names,studies names,Human DigestionStudies names, diseases and test, blood groups, nutrients, disorders,basic concepts
8Current Affairs & GkOlympics, who & who, Famous Authors,Culture, Govt Schemes,state symbols, Important days,PM independence day speech,Road, Ports National projectSame topics, Missile & weapons for Defense, Geo-stationary objects, Books & Authors, state dances, tribes, pizes, awards, important agreements between nations

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10 Responses to Way to Success UDC 2015 – Strategic Approach

  1. alex says:

    I m blindly going to follow your analysis and model questions.

  2. Ragul Rg says:

    Superb i got some idea about exam 😉

  3. Riya says:

    Idhu mattum padicha podhuma anyone ply reply me

  4. Riya says:

    Ya gud All the best

  5. Sravs says:

    Hai sir,its gud but i had a small doubt that according to our subjects there is no physics and chemistry..How will it workout in gaining marks

    • Ela says:

      In 2012 udc exam 8 questions were asked (go through 2012 solved paper) from physics & chemistry, so it was expected in 2015 also.
      In all competitive exam with minium degree standard science is must

  6. Sravs says:

    Pls give confirmation of our topics

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