Way to success UDC 2022 Strategy Approach

I have listed some expected area in major subjects for the UDC exam 2022.

Sl. NoSubjectMajor DivisionQuestions From (2015)Expected in (2022)
AncientPilgrims, foreign travellers, Indus civilization, Inscriptionsfamous archaeological indus sites, Vedic gods & philosophy, rock & pillar edicts, Inscriptions
 1HistoryMedievalFamous Battles, Temples location, Mughal ArchitectureHarsha, Pallava, Mughals, Authors & books, religious movements, Chronological order dynasty, Famous architecture
ModernNational Movements, Social reforms & Societies, chronological ordersocial reforms & reformers, revolutionist, chronological order in national movement, treatise
2GeographyMountain range, locations, ports, Eclipse, Biosphere reserves, Cyclonesame topics along with climate changes, protocols, biomass and bio fuels,  Winds, Season & cultivation, Atmosphere, Biosphere
3PolityConstitution part III, Articles, schedule VII, various  Commissions, J&K, Panchayats, cabinet, election commission, famous casessame topics along with prime minister, finance commission, CJI, power of president
4EnglishOddman out, Synonym, Antonym Misspelt, Homphones, Types of SpeechAlmost same topics
5AptitudeAge, Simplify ,fractions, clocks, time & distance & work, direction, average, percentage, probability, rational numbers, LCM, HCF, fill seriessame topics along with verbal, ratio, profit & loss
6EconomicsTax divisions, GDP, Banking basics, deficits, RBI rates ratioBanking rates, credit control, inflation, direct and indirect taxes, Broad money, FDI, GDP and financial institutions
PhysicsElectrical circuit, laws, atomic concepts, inventionsMagnetic concepts, optical, medium, sound and light Basic physics concepts, famous inventions
7ScienceChemistryacid & gases Formula, polymers, chemical namesFormulas, chemical reactions, basic chemistry concepts
BiologyDisease test names, studies names, Human DigestionStudies names, diseases and test, blood groups, nutrients, disorders, basic concepts
8Current Affairs & GkYojana, Health missions, minerals resources, Olympics, who & who, Famous Authors, Culture, Govt Schemes, state symbols, country currencies,  Important days, water ways, Ports,  National project, satelliteSame topics, satellite launch, Books & Authors, state dances, tribes, prizes, awards, important agreements between nations, Football WC

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