Pondicherry UDC Exam 2015 solved question paper

81. Identify the fresh water lake having inland drainage in Manipur
(A) Lonar Lake
(B) Pangong Lake
(C) Tsomarari Lake
(D) Loktak Lake

82. It is an instrument used in measuring speeds of aeroplanes and motor boats. Identify the same.
(A) Tachometer
(B) Eudiometer
(C) Phonograph
(D) Spherometer

83. Name the first Indian woman Olympic medal winner
(A) P.T. Usha
(B) Karnam Malleswari
(C) Sania Mirza
(D) Saina Nehval

84. Choose the correct answer from the options.
As per the economic survey 2014-15, the cost of all subsidies, Forex reserves and food grain production are….
(A) Rs. 3,78,000 crores, $ 328.7 Billion and 257.07 Million Tons respectively
(B) Rs. 3,68,700 crores, $ 322.7 Billion and 247.07 Million Tons respectively
(C) Rs. 3,38,000 crores, $ 318.7 Billion and 267.07 Million Tons respectively
(D) Rs. 3,18,000 crores, $ 338.7 Billion and 287.07 Million Tons respectively

85. Identify the meaning of the idiom “To laugh up ones sleeve” from the following
(A) To buy something one had not seen before which turns out to be useless
(B) To be secretly amused; to be secretly scornful
(C) To be the partner in relationship with most influencial person who makes the decisions
(D) To attract attention and getting admiration which some one else should have had

86. Identify the prepositions in the following sentence.
“We need not worry about the law and order situation as the police commissioner is invested with magisterial power”.
(A) we, police commissioner
(B) worry, invested
(C) about, with
(D) in the, as the

87. Identify the statement which not true about the functioning of the Election Commission of India.
(A) Supervises the preparation of upto date voters list
(B) Determines the timing of elections and prepares the election schedule in consultation with the State Election Commissioners
(C) Accords recognition to political parties and allots symbols to each of them
(D) Implements the Model Code of conduct for parties and candidates

88. Arrange the following in its chronological order. Select the correct answer from the options given.
(i) The Supreme Court gave its ruling that Parliament has no power to alter the basic structure of the constitution in Kesavananda Bharathi case
(ii) The Supreme Court repeated its stand in the Minerva Mill’s case
(iii) The 42nd Amendment was made and parliamentary supremacy was asserted
(iv) In Golaknath case, the Supreme Court held that parliament has no power to curtail Fundamental Rights
(A) (ii), (iii), (iv), (i)
(B) (iv), (ii), (iii), (i)
(C) (iii) , (iv), (i), (ii)
(D) (iv), (i), (iii), (ii)

89. Match the following and choose the correct options:
(i) Biosphere Reserve (a) Where Harvesting of Timber, Collection of Minor forest products are allowed so long as they do not affect the animals adversely
(ii) National park (b) Where every plant and animals are to be protected in its natural habitat
(iii) Reserved forest (c) Where activities such as forestry, grazing or cultivation are not allowed
(iv) Sanctuary (d) Where all activities are prohibited unless permitted
(A) (i)-(c), (ii)-(d), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(b)
(B) (i)-(b), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(d), (iv)-(a)
(C) (i)-(d), (ii)-(a), (iii)-(b), (iv)-(c)
(D) (i)-(a), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(b), (iv)-(d)

90. Which one defines and deals with Sustainable development?
(A) Club of Rome Report
(B) Brundland Report
(C) Schumacher’s Report
(D) Hendry Hunter’s Report

91. Select the more appropriate meaning of HAZARD
(A) A real possibility of suffering harm or injury
(B) Marks out the possible harm as very serious
(C) Suggests the possibility of unforeseen and unpredictable harm arising from an activity
(D) Indicates a more predictable possibility of harm arising from an action or a situation

92. Select the more appropriate meaning of REMOTE
(A) Denotes something that IS a long way away
(B) Suggests that distance makes something isolated or In accessible
(C) Emphasizes the difficulty of getting to it
(D) It is very long way away indeed, and is likely to be very different indeed from our ordinary everyday world

93 ( 7  – 1/7 )2  simplifies to
(A)   36 /7  
(B)   7 /36
(C)   36 /7
(D)   7 /36  

94. What comes next in the series 4,5,7,11,19,(… )
(A) 27
(B) 22
(C) 35
(D) 32

95. Match the following social reformers with their contribution and select the correct answer from the options.
(i) Gopal Hari Deshmuk      (a) Founded the Thatvabodhni Sabha in the year 1839
(ii) David Hare                      (b) A young Anglo Indian who inspired the Young Bengal Movement
(iii) Devendranath Tagore (c) Earliest religious reformer in Western India and popularly known as ‘Lokahitwadi’
(iv)Hendry Vivian Derozio (d) Started the Hindu College in Calcutta in the year 1817
(A) (i)-(a), (ii)-(b), (iii)-(d), (iv)-(c)
(B) (i)-(c), (ii)-(d), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(b)
(C) (i)-(a), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(b), (iv)-(d)
(D) (i)-(a), (ii)-(b), (iii)-(c), (iv)-(d)

96. Arrange the following events chronologically and choose the correct answer from the options.
(i) Satyagraha against Rowlatt Act
(ii) Champaran Satyagraha
(iii) JaIlianwalla Bagh Massacre
(iv) Ahmedabad Mill Strike
(A) (ii), (iv), (i), (iii)
(B) (iv), (i), (iii), (ii)
(C) (i), (iii), (iv), (ii)
(D) (iii), (ii), (i), (iv)

97. Which of the following statements are correct?
(i) Plants having flowers with free petals are classified as polypetalae
(ii) Plants having flowers with petals which are either partially or completely fused to one another are classified as a Gamopetalae
(iii) Plants having flowers with single whorl of perianth are classified as Monocotyledonae
(iv) The plants having naked ovules or seeds are classified as Monochlamydeae
(A) (i) and (iii)
(B) (ii) and (iii)
(C) (i) and (ii)
(D) (ii) and (iv)

98. Which of the statement is incorrect?
(A) SCP (Single Cell Protein) is a rich source of protein, vitamin, amino acid, mineral and crude fibres
(B) Domestic sewage is suitable for large scale SCP production
(C) Spirulina is a SCP and its tablets are prescribed as enriched vitamin for most people
(D) SCP lowers blood sugar level of diabetics

99. Members of Rajya Sabha are elected by the respective State Legislative Assemblies. The voters are the MLA’s of that state.
To be declared as a winner in Rajya Sabha Elections, a candidate must secure a minimum quota of votes which is determined by a Formula.
Choose the correct formula from the following:
(A) [Total Number of Voters / Total number of candidates to be elected + 1] +1
(B) [Total votes polled / Total number of candidates to be elected + 1] +1
(C) [Total members of the State Legislative Assemblies / Total number of candidates to be elected + 2] +1
(C) [Total members of the State Legislative Assemblies present and voted / Total number of candidates to be elected + 2] +1

100. Match the following system of philosophy with their belief:
(i) Charvaka     (a) Declares that salvation depends on fully recognising the atomic nature of the universe and its difference with soul
(ii) Vaisesika   (b) The evolution of universe is not due to God but due to the inherent nature of the Prakriti
(iii) Sankhya  (c) Believed only in materialism; death only is the end of man; enjoyment of pleasures are the only objects in life
(A) (i)-(c), (ii)-(b), (iii)-(a)
(B) (i)-(b), (ii)-(a), (iii)-(c)
(C) (i)-(a), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(b)
(D) (i)-(c), (ii)-(a), (iii)-(b)

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