Pondicherry Co-operative Junior Inspector 2006 Solved Paper

51.    To the extent, redemption of preference shares takes place from out of profits, an equal amount should be transferred to
(A)   Development rebate reserve    (B) Capital reserve
(C)   Capital redemption reserve      (D) General reserve

52.    After the redemption of debentures, the balance in the sinking fund is transferred to
(A)   Capital reserve                        (B) General reserve
(C)   Profit & Loss account              (D) Capital account

53.    The excess of purchase price over the net asset is
(A)   Goodwill                          (B) Capital reserve
(C)   Preliminary expense     (D) None of the above

54.    Preliminary expense is
(A)   Current asset               (B) Fixed asset
(C)   Fictitious asset             (D) Liability

55.    The concept of ‘Surrender Value’ is peculiar to type of insurance
(A)   Life            (B) Fire
(C)   Marine      (D) None of the above

56.    A company which has more than half the shares in another company is called
(A)   Major company       (B) Minor company
(C)   Holding company    (D) None of the above

57.     If the actual profits are more than the expected normal profits, the difference is
(A)   Extra profits                     (B) Supernormal profits
(C)   Additional profits             (D) None of the above

58.    When an existing company takes over the business of another existing company, it is called
(A)   Amalgamation                      (B) External Reconstruction
(C)   Internal Reconstruction      (D) Absorption

59.    Accumulated profits of a vendor company should be transferred to account
(A)   Shareholders                   (B) General Reserve
(C)   Capital Reserve               (D) None of the above

60.    Any  balance  in  the   capital  reduction    account   after  writing  off lost  capital  is transferred to
(A)   General reserve                         (B) Capital reserve
(C)   Capital redemption reserve     (D) Debenture redemption reserve

61.    A contributory is a
(A)   Creditor                            (B) Shareholder
(C)   Debenture holder            (D) None of the above

62.    A charge in respect of owned premises is known as
(A)   Rent                         (B) Hire
(C)   Imputed cost          (D) None of the above

63.    Overhead includes
(A)    only indirect material
(B)    only indirect labour
(C)    only direct expenses
(D)    indirect material, indirect labour and indirect expenses

64.    EOQ means
(A)    Economic Other Quantity    (B) Economic Only Quantity
(C)    Economic Order Quantity    (D) None of the above

65.    Which of the following is normal loss of materials?
(A)   Theft                        (B)  Careless handling
(C)   Evaporation             (D) None of the above

66.    Process costing is appropriate to
(A)    industries producing uniform products
(B)    industries undertaking construction work
(C)    industries catering to specific customers
(D)    none of the above

67.    The method of costing used by a transport organisation is
(A)   Contract costing              (B)  Job costing
(C)    Operating costing           (D) Process costing

68.    Marginal costing emphasises
(A)   Fixed cost             (B) Variable cost
(C)   Direct cost            (D) Indirect cost

69.   __________ are of relatively small value
(A)   By products         (B) Joint products
(C)   Co-products        (D) None of the above

70.    Sales less Variable cost is
(A)   Fixed cost             (B) Contribution
(C)   Direct cost             (D) None of the above

71.    Margin of Safety is
(A)    excess of sales over fixed cost
(B)    excess of sales over variable cost
(C)    excess of actual sales over break even sales
(D)    none of the above

72.    CVP analysis is based on the principles of
(A)   absorption costing             (B)  marginal costing
(C)   estimated costing               (D) contract costing

73.    Break even point is the point at which
(A)   there is no profit and no loss           (B)  there is only profit
(C)   there is only loss                                (D)  none of the above

74.    A department, area or function to which costs are charged is
(A)   Profit Centre                  (B)  Revenue Centre
(C)   Cost Centre                     (D) None of the above

75.    ________ is the excess of current assets over current liabilities
(A)   Capital                      (B) Working capital
(C)   Sunk cost                 (D) None of the above

76.    A factory is using an agricultural raw material (seasonal commodity) as is depicted in the graph. Availability of this raw material reduced drastically during the month of June, July and August (i.e. months 6, 7 and 8) as shown in the graph. What do you recommend in order to have maximum returns and optimal use of plant and equipment and be able to meet fixed costs?
ji75(A)   Close down the plant during lean months  (June to August) and run it at optimum capacity during remaining months and build up stocks of finished goods.
(B)   Stock excess raw material during the period when it is easily available and make use of the same for manufacture during lean months (June to August)
(C)   Use the lean period for annual maintenance, repair and reconditioning of plant and equipment to increase the life of the plant and retain labour for the purpose to avoid difficulty of re-employment after the lean season is over
(D)   Introduce   some   other   product   which   can   be   manufactured   on   the   same equipment and raw material for which is available during June to August.

77.    The following graph shows year-wise production progress of a company :
ji76A = 3,000 tonnes production (1985)
B = 4,000 tonnes production (1986)
C = 7,000 tonnes production (1987)
D = 9,000 tonnes production (1988)
E = 8,000 tonnes production (1989)
F = 9,000 tonnes production (1990)

The cost of production is also progressing every year along with the production tonnage, carefully examine the graph and find out in which year the company would have achieved maximum profits.
(A)   1987    (B)    1990    (C)    1989    (D)    1988

78.    You have taken over as marketing head of an organization in 1984 end, where the sales are almost stagnant and the operating expenses uncontrollable (see dotted line). The only way open to revive this sick unit is to increase sales to such an extent that operating costs have similar ratio to sales as in 1984.

ji78(A)    Go in for an intensive advertisement campaigning
(B)    Increase strength of your sales force and employ dynamic sales, oriented staff
(C)    Pierce into those marketing pockets with your already existing sales force, which have not yet been covered and where your product has not so far reached
(D)   Reduce price of the product and interlink advertisement campaign; give discount coupons

79.   You are required to transport liquid glucose in drums to various parts of state and you are paying cartage as per miles basis. The dotted line in the graph indicates that transportation cost is increasing every year, and by 1983 or 1984, is going to become uneconomical, resulting in operational losses. What steps do you suggest to reduce your transportation cost with in tolerable limits.


(A)    Invite competition amongst various transport contractor and straight away accept the most reasonable offer
(B)    Start transportation in tankers for which you have to equip your reception system with capital investment
(C)    Increase productivity of trucks of your existing contractor by asking him to hire bigger chassis trucks, so that more drums can be carried in it and increase transportation rate marginally, keeping ratio of quantity transported earlier and in now trucks constant
(D)    Reduce profit margin of truck operators by cost analysis and ensure that reasonable margin is maintained by him

Directions (Question No. 80- 85) :

In each sentence, there are three parts indicated by (A). (B) and (C). Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in any of the parts. No sentence has got more than one error. If a sentence has no error, make your answer as (D).

80.    The angry man walked hurriedly / into the crowded room / and shouted loud at the guest / No error.                         (A)                                          (B)                                          (C)                               (D)

81.    Hardly he had arrived / when the house caught fire / and everything was reduced to ashes / No error.                   (A)                                  (B)                                           (C)                                              (D)

82.     Interviews for / the posts of lectures will / begin from Monday / No error.                                                                   (A)                         (B)                               (C)                            (D)

83.     If my father / will approve / I will go to Pune / No error.                                                                                                (A)                  (B)                (C)                   (D)

84.     Bread and butter / is / wholesome food / No error.                                                                                                          (A)              (B)           (C)                  (D)

85.     It is high time / that we send / the answer / No error.                                                                                                      (A)                  (B)                (C)              (D)

Directions :

In Question No. 86 to 90, out of four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given sentence :

86.    One who cannot be corrected
(A)    incurable             (B)    incorrigible
(C)   hardened             (D)    invulnerable

87.     One who is incharge of a museum
(A)   curator             (B) supervisor
(C)   purser               (D) caretaker

88.    A small shop that sells fashionable clothes cosmetics etc.,
(A)   fancy store       (B) stall
(C)   boutique            (D) curio

89.    The study of ancient societies is called
(A)   Anthropology     (B) Archaeology
(C)   Sociology            (D) Ethnology

90.    One who is honourably discharged from service
(A)   retired                (B) delinquent
(C)   relieved              (D) emeritus

91.    Which one of the following novels was not the work of Mulk Raj Anand?
(A)   Untouchable     (B) Across the Block waters
(C)   Coolie                (D) Beginning

92.     Capital of the country “Kazakhistan”
(A)   Astana             (B)  Istanpole
(C)   Tarawa            (D)  Bishkek

93.   Who was the first cricketer to take 500 wickets in one day internationals?
(A)   B.S. Bedi     (B)    Wasim Akram
(C)   KapilDev    (D)    Attapattu

94.   The Amrita Devi Bishnoi National award is conferred for
(A)   Community Development           (B)  Water Conservation
(C)   Poverty Alleviation                       (D)  Wild life Conservation

95.    Who was  named by Iraq’s interim government to serve the country as its  first President?
(A)   Ibrahim al-Jaafari               (B)  Abdul Karim Telgi
(C)   Sheik Abdul Rehman          (D)  Md. Taslimuddin

96.    Who was the captain of the Indian hockey team at Athens 2004 Olympics?
(A)   Gaston Gaudio            (B)  Danraj Pillai
(C)   DilipTirkey                  (D)  Alok Kumar

97.    The Oscar Award Winner in the Best Director category in 2003 was
(A)   Sean Penn                      (B) Peter Jackson
(C)   Wicole Kidman              (D) Roman Polanski

98.    Which is the longest river of the world?
(A)   Yangtze               (B)  Mississipi
(C)   Nile                       (D) Brahmaputra

99.    Which of India’s stock exchanges was formally inaugurated in 1908?
(A)   Chennai                 (B)  Mumbai
(C)   Kolkatta                (D) Delhi

100.    Which is India’s highest profit making public sector enterprise?
(A)   GAIL          (B)  NLC
(C)   ONGC         (D)  BSNL

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