UGC NET Solved Paper I June2013

UGC NET Solved Paper I June2013

1.’ ‘www’ stands for
(A) work with web
(B) word wide web
(C) world wide web
(D) worth while web

2. A hard disk is divided into tracks which is further subdivided into
(A) Clusters (B) Sectors(C) Vectors (D) Head

3. A computer program that translates a program statement by statement into machine language is called a / an
(A) Compiler (B) Simulator (C) Translator (D) Interpreter

4. A Gigabyte is equal to
(A) 1024 Megabytes
(B) 1024 Kilobytes
(C) 1024 Terabytes
(D) 1024 Bytes

S. A Compiler is software which converts
(A). Characters to bits.
(B) High level language to machine language.
(C) Machine language to high level language
(D) Words to bits

6. Virtual memory
(A) an extremely large main memory.
(B) an extremely large secondary memory.
(C) an illusion of extremely large main memory
(D) a type of memory used in super computers.

7. The phrase ‘tragedy of commons” is in the context of
(A) tragic event related to damage caused by release’ of poisonous gases.
(B) tragic conditions of poor people.
(C) degradation of renewable free access resources
(D) climate change

8. ‘Kyoto Protocol is related to
(A) Ozone depletion’
(B) Hazardous waste
(C) Climate change
(D) Nuclear-energy

9. Which of the following is a source of emissions leading to the eventual formation of surface ozone as a pollutant?
(A) Transport sector
(B) Refrigeration and Airconditioning
(C) Wetlands
(D) Fertilizers

10. The smog in cities in India mainly consists of
(A) Oxides Of sulphur
(B) Oxides of nitrogen and unburnt hydrocarbons
(C) Carbon monoxide and SPM
(D) Oxides of sulphur and ozone

11. Which of the following types of natural hazards have the highest potential to cause damage to humans?
(A) Earth quakes
(B) Forest fires
(C) Volcanic eruptions
(D) Droughts and Floods

12. The percentage share of renewable energy sources in the power production in India
is around
(A) 2 – 3 % (B) 22-25% (C) l0-12% (D) < 1%

13. In which of the following categories the enrollment of students in higher in 2010 – 11 was
beyond the percentage Of seats reserved ?
(A) OBC students
(B) SC students
(C) ST students
(D) Woman students

14. Which one of the following statements is not correct about the University Grants Commission (UGC)?
(A) It was established in 1956~by an Act of Parliament.
(B) It is tasked with promoting and coordinating higher education.
(C) It receives Plan and Non-Plan funds from the Central Government.
(D) It receives funds from State Governments in respect of State Universities

15. Consider the statement which is followed by two arguments (I) and (II)
Statement: Should India switch over to a two party system?
(I) Yes, it will lead to stability of Government.
(II) No, it will limit the choice of voters.(A) Only argument (I) is strong.
(B) Only argument (II) is strong;
(C) Both the arguments are strong.
(D) Neither of the arguments is strong.

16. Consider the statement which is followed by two arguments (I) and (II):
Statement: Should persons with criminal background be banned from contesting elections?
Arguments: (I) Yes, it will decriminalise politics.
(II) No, it will encourage the ruling party to file frivolous cases against their political opponents.
(A) Only argument (I) is strong.
(B) Only argument (II) is strong.
(C) Both the arguments are strong.
(D) Neither of the arguments is strong.

17. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about a Judge of the Supreme Court of India?
1. A Judge of the Supreme Court is appointed by the President of India.
2. He holds office during the pleasure of the President.
3. He can be suspended, pending an inquiry.
4. He can be removed for proven misbehaviour or incapacity.

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
Codes :
(A) 1,2and3 (B) 1,3and4
(C) 1 and 3 (D) 1 and 4

18. In the warrant of precedence, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha comes next only to
(A) The President
(B) The Vice-President
(C) The Prime Minister
(D) The Cabinet Ministers

19. The black-board can be utilized best by a teacher for
(A) Putting the matter of teaching in black and white
(B) Making the students attentive
(C) Writing the important and notable points
(D) Highlighting the teacher himself

20. Nowadays the most effective mode of learning is
(A) Self study
(B) Face-to-face learning
(C) e-Learning
(D) Blended learning
Note: Both C & D are correct

21. At the primary school stage, most of the teachers should be women because they
(A) can teach children better than men.
(B) know basic content better than men.
(C) are available on lower salaries.
(D) can deal with children with love and affection.

22. Which one is the highest order of learning?
(A) Chain learning
(B) Problem-solving learning
(C) Stimulus-response learning
(D) Conditioned-reflex learning

23. A person can enjoy teaching as a profession when he
(A) has control over students.
(B) commands respect from students.
(C) is more qualified than his colleagues.
(D) is very close to higher authorities.

24. “A diagram speaks more than 1000 words” The statement means that the teacher should
(A) use diagrams in teaching.
(B) speak more and more in the class.
(C) use teaching aids in the class.
(D) not speak too, much in the class.

25. A research paper
(A) is a compilation of information on a topic.
(B) contains original research as deemed by the author.
(C) contains peer-reviewed original research or evaluation of research conducted by others.
(D) can be published in more than one journal.

26. Which one of the following belongs to the category of good ‘research ethics’?
(A) Publishing the same paper in two research journals without telling the editors.
(B) Conducting a review’ of the literature that acknowledges the contributions of other people in the relevant field or relevant prior work.
(C) Trimming outliers from a data set without discussing your reasons, in a research paper.
(D) Including a colleague as an author on a research paper in return for a favour even though the colleague did not make a serious contribution to the paper

27. Which of the following sampling methods is not based on probability?
(A) Simple Random Sampling
(B) Stratified Sampling
(C) Quota Sampling
(D) Cluster Sampling

28. Which one of the following references is written as per Modem Language Association (MLA) format?
(A) Hall, Donald. Fundamentals of Electronics, New Delhi : Prentice Hall of India, 2005
(B) Hall, Donald, Fundamentals of Electronics, New Delhi : Prentice Hall of India, 2005
(C) Hall, Donald, Fundamentals of Electronics, New Delhi, – Prentice Hall of India, 2005
(D) Hall, Donald. Fundamentals of Electronics. New Delhi : Prentice Hall of India, 2005

29. A workshop is
(A) a conference for discussion on a topic
(B) a meeting for discussion on a topic.
(C) a class at a college or a university in which a teacher and the students discuss a topic.
(D) a brief intensive course for a small group emphasizing the development of a skill or technique for solving a specific problem.

30. A working hypothesis is
(A) a proven hypothesis for an argument.
(B) not required to be tested
(C) a provisionally accepted hypothesis for further research
(D) a scientific theory

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