UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper -II Dec2011

UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper -II Dec2011

1. Which of the following data structure is Non-linear type ?
(A) Strings
(B) Lists
(C) Stacks
(D) None of the above

2. The total number of comparisons in a bubble sort is
(A) 0(log n)
(B) 0(n log n)
(C) 0(n)
(D) None of the above

3. Which of the following is a bad example of recursion ?
(A) Factorial
(B) Fibonacci numbers
(C) Tower of Hanai
(D) Tree traversal

4. Domain and Range of the function
Y = – –2x + 3 is
(A)x3/2, y0
(B)x>3/2, y≤0
(C)x3/2, y≤0
(D)x≤3/2, y≤0

5. Maximum number of edges in a n- Node undirected graph without self loop is
(A) n2
(B) n(n – 1)
(C) n(n + 1)
(D)n(n – 1)/2

6. A hash table has space for 75 records, then the probability of collision before the table is 6% full.
(A) .25 (B) .20 (C) .35 (D) .30

7. BCC in the internet refers to
(A) Black carbon copy
(B) Blind carbon copy
(C) Blank carbon copy
(D) Beautiful carbon copy

8. Hub is a term used with
(A) A Star Networks
(B) A Ring Networks
(C) A Router
(D) A Bridge

9. The amount of uncertainty in a system of symbol is called
(A) Bandwidth (B) Entropy (C) Loss (D) Quantum

10. Which of the following network access standard disassembler is used for connection station to a packet switched network ?
(A) X.3 (B) X.21 (C) X.25 (D) X.75

11. A station in a network in a network forward incoming packets by placing them on its shortest output queue. What routing algorithm is being used ?
(A) Hot potato routing
(B) Flooding
(C) Static routing
(D) Delta routing

12. Start and stop bits are used in serial communications for
(A) Error detection
(B) Error correction
(C) Synchronization
(D) Slowing down the communication

13. For a data entry project for office staff who have never used computers before (user interface and userfriendliness are extremely important), one will use
(A) Spiral model
(B) Component based model
(C) Prototyping
(D) Waterfall model

14. An SRS
(A) establishes the basis for agreement between client and the supplier.
(B) provides a reference for validation of the final product.
(C) is a prerequisite to high quality software.
(D) all of the above.

15. McCabe’s cyclomatic metric V(G) of a graph G with n vertices, e edges and p connected component is
(A) e
(B) n
(C) e – n + p
(D) e – n + 2p

16. Emergency fixes known as patches are result of
(A) adaptive maintenance
(B) perfective maintenance
(C) corrective maintenance
(D) none of the above

17. Design recovery from source code is done during
(A) reverse engineering
(B) re-engineering
(C) reuse
(D) all of the above

18. Following is used to demonstrate that the new release of software still performs the old one did by rerunning the old tests :
(A) Functional testing
(B) Path testing
(C) Stress testing
(D) Regression testing

19. The post order traversal of a binary tree is DEBFCA. Find out the preorder traversal.

20. B + tree are preferred to binary tree in database because
(A) Disk capacities are greater than memory capacities
(B) Disk access much slower than memory access
(C) Disk data transfer rates are much less than memory data transfer rate
(D) Disk are more reliable than memory

21. What deletes the entire file except the file structure ?

22. Which command classes closes text file, which has been created using “SET ALTERNATIVE” <FILE NAME> “Command” ?

23. Data security threats include
(A) privacy invasion
(B) hardware failure
(C) fraudulent manipulation of data
(D) encryption and decryption

24. Which of the following statements is true, when structure of database file with 20 records is modified ?
(A) ? EOF ( ) Prints. T
(B) ? BOF ( ) Prints F
(C) ? BOF ( ) Prints T
(D) ? EOF ( ) Prints F

25. The SQL Expression Select distinct T. branch name from branch T, branch S where T. assets > S. assets and S. branch-city = DELHI, finds the name of
(A) all branches that have greater asset than any branch located in DELHI.
(B) all branches that have greater assets than allocated in DELHI.
(C) the branch that has the greatest asset in DELHI.
(D) any branch that has greater asset than any branch located in DELHI.

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