UGC NET Solved Paper I Dec 2012

UGC NET Solved Paper I Dec 2012

1. By which of the following proposition, the proposition ‘some men are not honest’ is contradicted ?
(A) All men are honest.
(B) Some men are honest.
(C) No men are honest.
(D) All of the above.

2. A stipulative definition is
(A) always true
(B) always false
(C) sometimes true sometimes false
(D) neither true nor false

3.Choose the appropriate alternative given in the codes to replace the question mark.
Examiner – Examinee,    Pleader – Client,
Preceptor – ?
(A) Customer    (B) Path-finder
(C) Perceiver    (D) Disciple

4.If the statement ‘most of the students are obedient’ is taken to be true, which one of the following pair of statements can be claimed to be true ?
I.   All obedient persons are students.
II.  All students are obedient.
III. Some students are obedient.
IV. Some students are not disobedient.
Codes :
(A) I&II           (B) II & III
(C) III & IV     (D) II&IV

5. Choose the right code :
A deductive argument claims that :
I.   The conclusion does not claim something more than that which is contained in the premises.
II.  The conclusion is supported by the premise/premises conclusively.
III. If the conclusion is false, then premise/premises may be either true or false.
IV  If premise/combination of premises is true, then conclusion must be true.
Codes :
(A)   I and II         (B)   I and III
(C)   II and III      (D)   All the above

On the basis of the data given in the following table, give answers to questions from 6 to 11:

Government Expenditures on social services                                    (as percent of total expenditure)

Sl. No.
Social services
Education, sports & youth affairs
Health & family welfare
Water supply, housing, etc.
Information & broadcasting
Welfare to SC/ST & OBC
Labour and employment
Social welfare & nutrition
North eastern  areas
Other social services
Total Government expenditure

6. How many activities in the social services are there where the expenditure has been less than 5 percent of the total expenditures incurred on the social services in 2008-09 ?
(A) One                                            (B) Three
(C) Five                                            (D) All the above

7. In which year, the expenditures on the social services have increased at the highest rate ?
(A) 2007-08                                     (B) 2008-09
(C) 2009-10                                     (D) 2010-11

8. Which  of the  following  activities  remains  almost  stagnant  in  terms  of share  of expenditures ?
(A) North-eastern areas                     (B) Welfare to SC/ST & OBC
(C) Information & broadcasting          (D) Social welfare and nutrition

9. Which of the following item’s expenditure share is almost equal to the remaining three items in the given years ?
(A) Information & broadcasting          (B) Welfare to SC/ST and OBC
(C) Labour and employment               (D) Social welfare & nutrition

10. Which of the following items of social services has registered the highest rate of increase in expenditures during 2007-08 to 2010-11 ?
(A) Education, sports & youth affairs   (B) Welfare to SC/ST & OBC
(C) Social welfare & nutrition              (D) Overall social services

11. Which of the following items has registered the highest rate of decline in terms of expenditure during 2007-08 to 2009-10 ?
(A) Labour and employment                (B) Health & family welfare
(C) Social welfare & nutrition              (D) Education, sports & youth affairs

12. ALU stands for
(A) American Logic Unit
(B) Alternate Local Unit
(C) Alternating Logic Unit
(D) Arithmetic Logic Unit

13. A Personal Computer uses a number of chips mounted on a circuit board called
(A) Microprocessor
(B) System Board
(C) Daughter Board
(D) Mother Board

14. Computer Virus is a
(A) Hardware     (B) Bacteria     (C) Software      (D) None of these

15. Which one of the following is correct ?
(A) (17)10 = (17)16
(B) (17)10 = (17)8
(C) (17)10 = (10111)2
(D) (17)10 = (10001)2

16. The file extension of MS-Word document in Office 2007 is_______.
(A) .pdf            (B) .doc
(C) .docx         (D)  .txt

17. _______ is a protocol used by e-mail clients to download e-mails to your computer.
(A) TCP             (B) FTP
(C) SMTP          (D) POP

18. Which of the following is a source of methane ?
(A) Wetlands
(B) Foam Industry
(C) Thermal Power Plants
(D) Cernent Industry

19. “Minamata disaster” in Japan was caused by pollution due to
(A) Lead            (B) Mercury
(C) Cadmium     (D) Zinc

20. Biomagnification means increase in the
(A) concentration of pollutants in living organisms
(B) number of species
(C) size of living organisms
(D) biomass

21. Nagoya Protocol is related to
(A) Climate change
(B) Ozone depletion
(C) Hazardous waste
(D) Biodiversity

22. The second most important source after fossil fuels . contributing to India’s energy needs is
(A) Solar energy
(B) Nuclear energy
(C) Hydropower
(D) Wind energy

23. In case of earthquakes, an increase of magnitude 1 on Richter Scale implies
(A) a ten-fold increase in the amplitude of seismic waves.
(B) a ten-fold increase in the energy of the seismic waves.
(C) two-fold increase in the amplitude of seismic waves.
(D) two-fold increase in the energy of seismic waves.

24. Which of the following is not a measure of Human Development Index ?
(A) Literacy Rate
(B) Gross Enrolment
(C) Sex Ratio
(D) Life Expectancy

25. India has the highest number of students in colleges after
(A) U.K.     (B) U.S.A.     (C) Australia     (D) Canada

26. Which of the following statement(s) is/are not correct about the Attorney General of India ?
1. The President appoints a person, who is qualified to be a Judge of a High Court, to be the Attorney General of India.
2. He has the right of audience in all the Courts of the country.
3. He has the right to take part in the proceedings of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.
4. He has a fixed tenure.
Select  the  correct  answer  from  the codes given below :
Codes :
(A) l and 4       (B) 2, 3 and  4
(C) 3 and 4      (D) 3 only

27. Which of the following prefix President Pranab Mukherjee desires to be discontinued while interacting with Indian dignitaries as well as in official notings ?
1. His Excellency    2. Mahamahim
3. Hon’ble              4. Shri/Smt.
Select  the  correct  answer  from  the codes given below :
Codes :
(A) 1 and 3        (B) 2 and 3
(C) l and 2         (D) 1,2 and 3

28. Which of the following can be done under conditions of financial emergency ?
1. State Legislative Assemblies can be abolished.
2. Central Government can acquire control over the budget and expenditure of States.
3. Salaries of the Judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court can be reduced.
4. Right to Constitutional Remedies can be suspended.
Select  the  correct  answer  from  the codes given below :
Codes :
(A) 1,2 and 3     (B) 2, 3 and 4
(C) l and2          (D) 2 and 3

29. Match List – I with List – II and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
List-I                                                                  List -II
(a) Poverty Reduction Programme              (i)  Mid-day Meals
(b) Human Development Scheme               (ii) Indira Awas Yojana  (IAY)
(c) Social Assistance Scheme                    (iii) National Old Age Pension (NOAP)
(d) Minimum Need Scheme                      (iv) MNREGA
Codes :
(a)    (b)   (c)    (d)
(A)   (iv)    (i)     (iii)    (ii)
(B)   (ii)     (iii)   (iv)    (i)
(C)   (iii)    (iv)   (i)    (ii)
(D)   (iv)    (iii)   (ii)    (i)

30. For an efficient and durable learning, learner should have
(A) ability to learn only
(B) requisite level of motivation only
(C) opportunities to learn only
(D) desired level of ability and motivation

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