UGC NET Solved Paper I Dec 2009

UGC NET Solved Paper I Dec 2009 

1.    The University which telecasts interaction educational programmes through its own channel is
(A)    Osmania University
(B)    University of Pune
(C)    Annamalai University
(D)    Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

2.    Which of the following skills are needed for present day teacher to adjust effectively with the classroom teaching ?
1.    Knowledge of technology
2.    Use of technology in teaching learning
3.    Knowledge of students’ needs
4.    Content mastery
(A)    1 & 3    (B)    2 & 3    (C)    2, 3 & 4    (D)   2 & 4

3.    Who has signed an MOU for Accreditation of Teacher Education Institutions in India ?
(A)    NAAC and UGC    (B)    NCTE and NAAC
(C)    UGC and NCTE    (D)    NCTE and IGNOU

4.    The primary duty of the teacher is to
(A)    raise the intellectual standard of the students
(B)    improve the physical standard of the students
(C)    help all round development of the students
(D)    imbibe value system in the students

5.    Micro teaching is more effective
(A)    during the preparation for teaching-practice
(B)    during the teaching-practice
(C)    after the teaching-practice
(D)    always

6.    What quality the students like the most in a teacher ?
(A)   Idealist philosophy    (B)   Compassion
(C)   Discipline    (D)   Entertaining

7.    A null hypothesis is
(A)    when there is no difference between the variables
(B)    the same as research hypothesis
(C)    subjective in nature
(D)    when there is difference between the variables

8.    The research which is exploring new facts through the study of the past is called
(A)   Philosophical research    (B)   Historical research
(C)   Mythological research    (D)   Content analysis

9.    Action research is
(A)    An applied research
(B)    A research carried out to solve immediate problems
(C)    A longitudinal research
(D)    Simulative research

10.    The process not needed in Experimental Researches is
(A)   Observation    (B)   Manipulation
(C)   Controlling    (D)   Content Analysis

11.    Manipulation is always a part of
(A)   Historical research    (B)   Fundamental research
(C)   Descriptive research    (D)   Experimental research

12.    Which correlation co-efficient best explains the relationship between creativity and intelligence ?
(A)   1.00    (B)   0.6
(C)   0.5    (D)   0.3

Read the following passage and answer the Question Nos. 13 to 18 :

The decisive shift in British Policy really came about under mass pressure in the autumn and winter of 1945 to 46 – the months which Perderel Moon while editing Wavell’s Journal has perceptively described as ‘The Edge of a Volcano’. Very foolishly, the British initially decided to hold public trials of several hundreds of the 20,000 I.N.A. prisoners (as well as dismissing from service and detaining without trial no less than 7,000). They compounded the folly by holding the first trial in the Red Fort, Delhi in November 1945, and putting on the dock together a Hindu, a Muslim and a Sikh (P.K. Sehgal, Shah Nawaz, Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon). Bhulabhai Desai, Tejbahadur Sapru and Nehru appeared for the defence (the latter putting on his barrister’s gown after 25 years), and the Muslim League also joined the countrywide protest. On 20 November, an Intelligence Bureau note admitted that “there has seldom been a matter which has attracted so much Indian public interest and, it is safe to say, sympathy … this particular brand of sympathy cuts across communal barriers.’ A journalist (B. Shiva Rao) visiting the Red Fort prisoners on the same day reported that ‘There is not the slightest feeling among them of Hindu and Muslim … A majority of the men now awaiting trial in the Red Fort is Muslim. Some of these men are bitter that Mr. Jinnah is keeping alive a controversy about Pakistan.’ The British became extremely nervous about the I.N.A. spirit spreading to the Indian Army, and in January the Punjab Governor reported that a Lahore reception for released I.N.A. prisoners had been attended by Indian soldiers in uniform.

13.    Which heading is more appropriate to assign to the above passage ?
(A)   Wavell’s Journal    (B)   Role of Muslim League (C)   I.N.A. Trials    (D)   Red Fort Prisoners

14.    The trial of P.K. Sehgal, Shah Nawaz and Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon symbolises
(A)    communal harmony
(B)    threat to all religious persons
(C)    threat to persons fighting for the freedom
(D)    British reaction against the natives

15.    I.N.A. stands for
(A)   Indian National Assembly    (B)   Indian National Association
(C)   Inter-national Association    (D)   Indian National Army

16.    ‘There has seldom been a matter which has attracted so much Indian Public Interest and, it is safe to say, sympathy … this particular brand of sympathy cuts across communal barriers.’ Who sympathises to whom and against whom ?
(A)    Muslims sympathised with Shah Nawaz against the British
(B)    Hindus sympathised with P.K. Sehgal against the British
(C)    Sikhs sympathised with Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon against the British
(D)    Indians sympathised with the persons who were to be trialled

17.    The majority of people waiting for trial outside the Red Fort and criticising Jinnah were the
(A)   Hindus    (B)   Muslims
(C)   Sikhs    (D)   Hindus and Muslims both

18.    The sympathy of Indian soldiers in uniform with the released I.N.A. prisoners at Lahore indicates
(A)    Feeling of Nationalism and Fraternity
(B)    Rebellious nature of Indian soldiers
(C)    Simply to participate in the reception party
(D)    None of the above

19.    The country which has the distinction of having the two largest circulated newspapers in the world is
(A)   Great Britain    (B)   The United States
(C)   Japan    (D)   China

20.    The chronological order of non-verbal communication is
(A)    Signs, symbols, codes, colours
(B)    Symbols, codes, signs, colours
(C)    Colours, signs, codes, symbols
(D)    Codes, colours, symbols, signs

21.    Which of the following statements is not connected with communication ?
(A)    Medium is the message.
(B)    The world is an electronic cocoon.
(C)    Information is power.
(D)    Telepathy is technological.

22.    Communication becomes circular when
(A)    the decoder becomes an encoder
(B)    the feedback is absent
(C)    the source is credible
(D)    the channel is clear

23.    The site that played a major role during the terrorist attack on Mumbai (26/11) in 2008 was
(A)   Orkut    (B)   Facebook
(C)    (D)   Twitter

24.    Assertion (A) : For an effective classroom communication at times it is desirable to use the projection technology.
Reason (R)    : Using the projection technology facilitates extensive coverage of course contents.
(A)    Both (A) and (R) are true, and (R) is the correct explanation.
(B)    Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation.
(C)    (A) is true, but (R) is false.
(D)    (A) is false, but (R) is true.

25.    January 1, 1995 was a Sunday. What day of the week lies on January 1, 1996 ?
(A)   Sunday    (B)   Monday
(C)   Wednesday    (D)   Saturday

26.    When an error of 1% is made in the length and breadth of a rectangle, the percentage error (%) in the area of a rectangle will be
(A)   0    (B)   1
(C)   2    (D)   4

27.    The next number in the series 2, 5, 9, 19, 37, ? will be
(A)   74    (B)   75
(C)   76    (D)   None of the above

28.    There are 10 true-false questions in an examination. Then these questions can be answered in
(A)    20 ways    (B)   100 ways
(C)    240 ways    (D)   1024 ways

29.    What will be the next term in the following ?
(A)   AKPO    (B)   ABYZ
(C)   JIRQ    (D)   LMRS

30.   Three individuals X, Y, Z hired a car on a sharing basis and paid Rs. 1,040. They used it for 7, 8, 11 hours, respectively. What are the charges paid by Y ?
(A)   Rs. 290       (B)  Rs. 320
(C)   Rs. 360       (B)  Rs. 440

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