UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper -III Dec 2014

36. Suppose that we have numbers between 1 and 1000 in a binary search tree and we want to search for the number 365. Which of the following sequences could not be the sequence of nodes examined ?
(A) 4, 254, 403, 400, 332, 346, 399, 365
(B) 926, 222, 913, 246, 900, 260, 364, 365
(C) 927, 204,913, 242, 914, 247, 365
(D) 4, 401, 389, 221, 268, 384, 383, 280, 365

37. Which methods are utilized to control the access to an object in multi-threaded programming ?
(A) Asynchronized methods           (B) Synchronized methods
(C) Serialized methods                   (D) None of the above

38. How to express that some person keeps animals as pets ?


39. Converting a primitive type data into its corresponding wrapper class object instance is called
(A) Boxing                 (B) Wrapping
(C) Instantiation      (D) Autoboxing

40. The behaviour of the document elements in XML can be defined by
(A) Using document object
(B) Registering appropriate event handlers
(C) Using element object
(D) All of the above

41. What is true about UML stereotypes ?
(A) Stereotype is used for extending the UML language.
(B) Stereotyped class must be abstract
(C) The stereotype indicates that the UML element cannot be changed
(D) UML profiles can be stereotyped for backward compatibility

42. Which method is called first by an applet program ?
(A) start( )            (B) run( )
(C) init( )               (D) begin( )

43. Which one of the following is not a source code metric ?
(A) Halstead metric             (B) Function point metric
(C) Complexity metric        (D) Length metric

44. To compute function points (FP), the following relationship is used FP = Count – total × (0.65 + 0.01 × Σ(Fi)) where Fi (i = 1 to n) are value adjustment factors (VAF) based on n questions. The value of n is
(A) 12           (B) 14
(C) 16           (D) 18

45. Assume that the software team defines a project risk with 80% probability of occurrence of risk in the following manner : Only 70 percent of the software components scheduled for reuse will be integrated into the application and the remaining functionality will have to be custom developed. If 60 reusable components were planned with average component size as 100 LOC and software engineering cost for each LOC as $ 14, then the risk exposure would be
(A) $ 25,200            (B) $ 20,160
(C) $ 17,640            (D) $ 15,120

46. Maximum possible value of reliability is
(A) 100         (B) 10
(C) 1              (D) 0

47. ‘FAN IN’ of a component A is defined as
(A) Count of the number of components that can call, or pass control, to a component A
(B) Number of components related to component A
(C) Number of components dependent on component A
(D) None of the above

48. Temporal cohesion means
(A) Coincidental cohesion
(B) Cohesion between temporary variables
(C) Cohesion between local variables
(D) Cohesion with respect to time

49. Various storage devices used by an operating system can be arranged as follows in increasing order of accessing speed :
(A) Magnetic tapes → magnetic disks → optical disks → electronic disks → main memory → cache → registers
(B) Magnetic tapes → magnetic disks → electronic disks → optical disks → main memory → cache → registers
(C) Magnetic tapes → electronic disks → magnetic disks → optical disks → main memory → cache → registers
(D) Magnetic tapes → optical disks → magnetic disks → electronic disks → main memory → cache → registers

50. How many disk blocks are required to keep list of free disk blocks in a 16 GB hard disk with 1 kB block size using linked list of free disk blocks ? Assume that the disk block number is stored in 32 bits.
(A) 1024 blocks             (B) 16794 blocks
(C) 20000 blocks         (D) 1048576 blocks

51. Consider an imaginary disk with 40 cylinders. A request come to read a block on cylinder 11. While the seek to cylinder 11 is in progress, new requests come in for cylinders 1, 36, 16, 34, 9 and 12 in that order. The number of arm motions using shortest seek first algorithm is
(A) 111         (B) 112
(C) 60          (D) 61

52. An operating system has 13 tape drives. There are three processes P1, P2 & P3. Maximum requirement of P1 is 11 tape drives, P2 is 5 tape drives and P3 is 8 tape drives. Currently, P1 is allocated 6 tape drives, P2 is allocated 3 tape drives and P3 is allocated 2 tape drives. Which of the following sequences represent a safe state ?
(A) P2 P1 P3          (B) P2 P3 P1
(C) P1 P2 P3          (D) P1 P3 P2

53. Monitor is an Interprocess Communication (IPC) technique which can be described as
(A) It is higher level synchronization primitive and is a collection of procedures, variables, and data structures grouped together in a special package.
(B) It is a non-negative integer which apart from initialization can be acted upon by wait and signal operations.
(C) It uses two primitives, send and receive which are system calls rather than language constructs.
(D) It consists of the IPC primitives implemented as system calls to block the process when they are not allowed to enter critical region to save CPU time.

54. In a distributed computing environment, distributed shared memory is used which is
(A) Logical combination of virtual memories on the nodes.
(B) Logical combination of physical memories on the nodes.
(C) Logical combination of the secondary memories on all the nodes.
(D) All of the above

55. Equivalent logical expression for the Well Formed Formula (WFF), ~(∀x) F[x] is
(A) x(~F[x])           (B) ~(x) F[x]
(C) ∃x(~F[x])           (D) F[x]

56. An A* algorithm is a heuristic search technique which
(A) is like a depth-first search where most promising child is selected for expansion
(B) generates all successor nodes and computes an estimate of distance (cost) from start node to a goal node through each of the successors. It then chooses the successor with shortest cost.
(C) saves all path lengths (costs) from start node to all generated nodes and chooses shortest path for further expansion.
(D) none of the above

57. The resolvent of the set of clauses (A ∨ B, ~A ∨ D, C ∨ ~B) is
(A) A ∨ B          (B) C ∨ D
(C) A ∨ C          (D) A ∨ D

58. Match the following :
a. Script                                            i. Directed graph with labelled nodes for graphical representation of
b. Conceptual Dependencies        ii. Knowledge about objects and events is stored in record-like structures
consisting of slots and slot values.
c. Frames                                      iii. Primitive concepts and rules to represent natural language statements
d. Associative Network              iv. Frame like structures used to represent stereotypical patterns for
commonly occurring events in terms of actors, roles, props and scenes
Codes :
a b c d
(A) iv ii i iii
(B) iv iii ii i
(C) ii iii iv i
(D) i iii iv ii

59. Match the following components of an expert system :
a. I/O interface                 i. Accepts user’s queries and responds to question through I/O interface
b. Explanation module    ii. Contains facts and rules about the domain
c. Inference engine     iii. Gives the user, the ability to follow inferencing steps at any time during consultation
d. Knowledge base          iv. Permits the user to communicate with the system in a natural way
Codes :
a b c d
(A) i iii iv ii
(B) iv iii i ii
(C) i iii ii iv
(D) iv i iii ii

60. A computer based information system is needed :
I. as it is difficult for administrative staff to process data.
II. due to rapid growth of information and communication technology.
III. due to growing size of organizations which need to process large volume of data.
IV. as timely and accurate decisions are to be taken.
Which of the above statement(s) is/are true ?
(A) I and II
(B) III and IV
(C) II and III
(D) II and IV

61. Given the recursively enumerable language (LRE), the context sensitive language (LCS), the recursive language (LREC), the context free language (LCF) and deterministic context free language (LDCF). The relationship between these families is given by

62. Match the following :
List – I                                                     List – II
a. Context free grammar               i. Linear bounded automaton
b. Regular grammar                      ii. Pushdown automaton
c. Context sensitive grammar     iii. Turing machine
d. Unrestricted grammar            iv. Deterministic finite automaton
Codes :
a b c d
(A) ii iv iii i
(B) ii iv i iii
(C) iv i ii iii
(D) i iv iii ii

63. According to pumping lemma for context free languages :
Let L be an infinite context free language, then there exists some positive integer m such that any w ∈| L with | w | m can be decomposed as w = u v x y z
(A) with | vxy | ≤ m such that uv i xy i z ∈ L for all i = 0, 1, 2
(B) with | vxy | ≤ m, and | vy | 1, such that uv i xy i z ∈ L for all i = 0, 1, 2, …….
(C) with | vxy | m, and | vy | ≤ 1, such that uv i xy i z ∈ L for all i = 0, 1, 2, …….
(D) with | vxy | m, and | vy | 1, such that uv i xy i z ∈ L for all i = 0, 1, 2, …….

64. Given two spatial masks

The Laplacian of an image at all points (x, y) can be implemented by convolving the image with spatial mask. Which of the following can be used as the spatial mask ?
(A) only S1                  (B) only S2
(C) Both S1 and S2    (D) None of these

65. Given a simple image of size 10 × 10 whose histogram models the symbol probabilities
and is given by
p1 p2 p3 p4
a b c d
The first order estimate of image entropy is maximum when
(A) a = 0, b = 0, c = 0, d = 1                  (B) a =1/2, b =1/2 , c = 0, d = 0
(C) a =1/3, b =1/3, c =1/3, d = 0         (D) a =1/4, b =1/4, c =1/4, d =1/4

66. A Butterworth lowpass filter of order n, with a cutoff frequency at distance D0 from the origin, has the transfer function H(u, v) given by


67. If an artificial variable is present in the ‘basic variable’ column of optimal simplex table, then the solution is
(A) Optimum               (B) Infeasible
(C) Unbounded            (D) Degenerate

68. The occurrence of degeneracy while solving a transportation problem means that
(A) total supply equals total demand
(B) total supply does not equal total demand
(C) the solution so obtained is not feasible
(D) none of these

69. Five men are available to do five different jobs. From past records, the time (in hours) that
each man takes to do each job is known and is given in the following table :

Find out the minimum time required to complete all the jobs.
(A) 5           (B) 11
(C) 13         (D) 15

70. Consider the following statements about a perception :
I. Feature detector can be any function of the input parameters.
II. Learning procedure only adjusts the connection weights to the output layer.
Identify the correct statement out of the following :
(A) I is false and II is false.              (B) I is true and II is false.
(C) I is false and II is true.            (D) I is true and II is true.

71. A _________ point of a fuzzy set A is a point x ∈ X at which μA(x) = 0.5
(A) core                   (B) support
(C) crossover          (D) α-cut

72. Match the following learning modes w.r.t. characteristics of available information for learning :
a. Supervised                     i. Instructive information on desired responses, explicitly specified by a teacher.
b. Recording                      ii. A priori design information for memory storing
c. Reinforcement       iii. Partial information about desired responses, or only “right” or “wrong” evaluative information
d. Unsupervised              iv. No information about desired responses
Codes :
a b c d
(A) i ii iii iv
(B) i iii ii iv
(C) ii iv iii i
(D) ii iii iv i

73. Which of the following versions of Windows O.S. contain built-in partition manager which allows us to shrink and expand pre-defined drives ?
(A) Windows Vista          (B) Windows 2000
(C) Windows NT             (D) Windows 98

74. A Trojan horse is
(A) A program that performs a legitimate function that is known to an operating system or its user and also has a hidden component that can be used for nefarious purposes like attacks on message security or impersonation.
(B) A piece of code that can attach itself to other programs in the system and spread to other systems when programs are copied or transferred.
(C) A program that spreads to other computer systems by exploiting security holes like weaknesses in facilities for creation of remote processes
(D) All of the above

75. Which of the following computing models is not an example of distributed computing environment ?
(A) Cloud computing             (B) Parallel computing
(C) Cluster computing          (D) Peer-to-peer computing

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