UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper -II Dec 2013

UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper -II Dec 2013

1. When data and acknowledgement are sent in the same frame, this is called as
(A) Piggy packing
(B) Piggy backing
(C) Back packing
(D) Good packing

2. Encryption and Decryption is the responsibility of Layer.
(A) Physical
(B) Network
(C) Application
(D) Datalink

3. An analog signal carries 4 bits in each signal unit. If 1000 signal units are sent per second, then baud rate and bit rate of the signal are and
(A) 4000 bauds \ sec & 1000 bps
(B) 2000 bauds \ sec & 1000 bps
(C) 1000 bauds \ sec & 500 bps
(D) 1000 bauds \ sec & 4000 bps

4. The VLF and LF bauds use propagation for communication.
(A) Ground (B) Sky
(C) Line of sight (D) Space

5. Using the RSA public key crypto system, if p = 13, q = 31 and d = 7, then the value of e is
(A) 101 (C) 105
(B) 103 (D) 107

6. FAN IN of a component A is defined as
(A) Number of components that can call or pass control to component A.
(B) Number of components that are called by component A.
(C) Number of components related to component A.
(D) Number of components dependent on component A.

7. The relationship of data elements in a module is called
(A) Coupling
(B) Modularity
(C) Cohesion
(D) Granularity

8. Software Configuration Management is the discipline for systematically controlling
(A) the changes due to the evolution of work products as the project proceeds.
(B) the changes due to defects (bugs) being found and then fixed.
(C) the changes due to requirement changes
(D) all of the above

9. Which one of the following is not a step of requirement engineering ?
(A) Requirement elicitation
(B) Requirement analysts
(C) Requirement design
(D) Requirement documentation

10. Testing of software with actual data and in actual environment is called
(A) Alpha testing
(B) Beta testing
(C) Regression testing
(D) None of the above

11. The student marks should not be greater than 100. This is
(A) Integrity constraint
(B) Referential constraint
(C) Over-defined constraint
(D) Feasible constraint

12. GO BOTTOM and SKIP-3 commands are given one after another in a database file of 30 records. It shifts the control to
(A) 28th record (B) 27th record
(C) 3rd record (D) 4th record

13. An ER Model includes
I. An ER diagram portraying entity types.
II. Attributes for each entity type
III. Relationships among entity types.
IV. Semantic integrity constraints that reflects the business rules about data not captured in the ER diagram.
(A) I, II, III & IV            (B) I&IV
(C) I, II & IV                   (D) I & III

14. Based on the cardinality ratio and participation associated with a relationship type, choose either the Foreign Key Design, the Cross Referencing Design or Mutual Referencing Design.
(A) Entity          (B) Constraints
(C) Rules            (D) Keys

15. Data Integrity control uses
(A) Upper and lower limits on numeric data.
(B) Passwords to prohibit unauthorised access to files.
(C) Data dictionary to keep the data
(D) Data dictionary to find last access of data

16. What does the following declaration mean ?
int (*ptr) [10];
(A) ptr is an array of pointers of 10 integers.
(B) ptr is a pointer to an array of 10 integers.
(C) ptr is an array of 10 integers.
(D) none of the above.

17. Which of the following has compilation error in C ?
(A) int n = 32 ;
(B) char ch = 65 ;
(C) float f= (float) 3.2;
(D) none of the above

18. Which of the following operators can not be overloaded in C+ + ?
(A) * (B) + =
(C) = = (D) ::

19. allows to create classes which are derived from other classes, so that they automatically include some of its “parent’s” members, plus its own members.
(A) Overloading
(B) Inheritance
(C) Polymorphism
(D) Encapsulation

20. The correct way to round off a floating number x to an integer value is
(A) y = (int)(.r + 0.5)
(B) y = int (x + 0.5)
(C) y = (int)*+ 0.5
(D) y = (int)((im> + 0.5)

21. What is the value of the postfix expression ?
a b c d + – * (where a = 8, b = 4, c = 2 and d = 5)
(A) -3/8 (B) -8/3
(C) 24 (D) -24

22. If the queue is implemented with a linked list, keeping track of a front pointer and a rear pointer, which of these pointers will change during an insertion into a non-empty queue ?
(A) Neither of the pointers change
(B) Only front pointer changes
(C) Only rear pointer changes
(D) Both of the pointers changes

23. _________ is often used to prove the correctness of a recursive function.
(A) Diagonaliization
(B) Communitivity
(C) Mathematical Induction
(D) Matrix Multiplication

24. For any B-tree of minimum degree t > 2, every node other than the root must have atleast _________ keys and every node can have at, most ________ keys.
(A) t-1,2t+1
(B) t+1,2t+1
(C) t-1,2t-1
(D) t+1,2t-1

25. Given two sorted list of size ‘m’ and ‘n’ respectively. The number of comparison needed in the worst case
by the merge sort algorithm will be
(A) m x n
(B) max (m, n)
(C) min (m, n)
(D) m + n – 1

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