UGC NET Solved Paper I Dec2008

26.    There are five books A,B,C,D and E.  The book C lies above D, the book E is below A and B is below E. Which is at the bottom ?
(A)    E    (B)     B    (C)    A    (D)    C

27.    Logical reasoning is based on:
(A)    Truth of involved propositions
(B)    Valid relation among the involved propositions
(C)    Employment of symbolic language
(D)    Employment of ordinary language

28.    Two propositions with the same subject and predicate terms but different in quality are:
(A)    Contradictory     (B)     Contrary    (C)    Subaltern    (D)    Identical

29.    The premises of a valid deductive argument:
(A)    Provide some evidence for its conclusion
(B)    Provide no evidence for its conclusion
(C)    Are irrelevant for its conclusion
(D)    Provide conclusive evidence for its conclusion

30.    Syllogistic reasoning is:
(A)    Deductive    (B)     Inductive
(C)    Experimental    (D)    Hypothetical


Study the following Venn diagram and answer questions nos. 31 to 33.
Three circles representing GRADUATES, CLERKS and GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES are intersecting. The intersections are marked A, B, C, e, f, g and h. Which part best represents the statements in questions 31 to 33 ?

31.    Some Graduates are Government employees but not as Clerks.
(A)    h    (B)     g    (C)    f    (D)    e

32.    Clerks who are graduates as well as government employees :
(A)    e    (B)    f    (C)    g    (D)    h

33.    Some graduates are Clerks but not Government employees.
(A)    f    (B)     g    (C)    h    (D)    e

Study the following graph and answer questions numbered from 34 to 35:

34.     Which of the firms got maximum profit growth rate in the year 2006.
(A)    ab    (B)    ce    (C)    cd    (D)    ef

35.    Which of the firms got maximum profit growth rate in the year 2007.
(A)    bdf    (B)     acf    (C)    bed    (D)    ace

36.    The accounting software ‘Tally’ was developed by :
(A)    HCL    (B)     TCS    (C)    Infosys    (D)    Wipro

37.    Errors in computer programmes are called :
(A)    Follies    (B)     Mistakes    (C)    Bugs    (D)    Spam

38.    HTML is basically used to design:
(A)    Web-page    (B)     Web-site
(C)    Graphics    (D)    Tables and Frames

39.    ‘Micro Processing’is made for:
(A)    Computer    (B)   Digital System
(C)    Calculator    (D)  Electronic Goods

40.    Information, a combination of graphics, text, sound, video and animation is called :
(A)    Multiprogramme    (B)     Multifacet
(C)    Multimedia    (D)    Multiprocess

41.    Which of the following pairs regarding typical composition of hospital wastes is incorrect ?
(A)    Plastic-   9-12%    (B)     Metals-   1-2%
(C)    Ceramic-   8-10%    (D)    Biodegradable-   35-40%

42.    Fresh water achieves its greatest density at :
(A)    -4° C    (B)     0 C    (C)    4° C     (D)     -2.5° C

43.    Which one of the following is not associated with earthquakes ?
(A)    Focus    (B)     Epicenter
(C)    Seismograph    (D)    Swells

44.    The tallest trees in the world are found in the region :
(A)    Equatorial region    (B)     Temperate region
(C)    Monsoon region    (D)    Mediterranean region

45.    Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
List-I                                               List – II
(National Parks)                              (States)
(a)     Periyar                                           (i)    Orissa
(b)     Nandan Kanan                              (ii)    Kerala
(c)     Corbett National Park                   (iii)    Rajasthan
(d)     Sariska Tiger Reserve                   (iv)    Uttarakhand
Codes :
(a)     (b)     (c)     (d)
(A)    (ii)     (i)      (iv)    (iii) 
(B)    (i)      (ii)     (iv)    (iii)
(C)    (iii)    (ii)     (i)      (iv)
(D)    (i)      (ii)     (iii)    (iv)

46.    According to Radhakrishnan Commission, the aim of Higher Education is :
(A)    To develop the democratic values, peace and harmony
(B)    To develop great personalities who can give their contributions in politics, administration, industry and commerce
(C)    Both (A) and (B)
(D)    None of these

47.    The National Museum at New Delhi is attached to :
(A)    Delhi University
(B)    a Deemed University
(C)    a Subordinate Office of the JNU
(D)    Part of Ministry of Tourism and Culture

48.    Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the code given below :
List-I                                                    List-II
(Institutions)                                          (Locations)
(a)    National Law Institute                           (i)      Shimla
(b)    Indian Institute of Advanced Studies     (ii)     Bhopal
(c)    National Judicial Academy                   (iii)    Hyderabad
(d)    National Savings Institute                     (iv)    Nagpur
Codes :
(a)     (b)     (c)     (d)
(A)    (iii)    (ii)     (iv)    (i)
(B)    (i)      (ii)     (iii)    (iv)
(C)    (iv)    (iii)    (i)      (ii)
(D)    (iii)    (i)      (ii)     (iv)

49.    Election of Rural and Urban local bodies are conducted and ultimately supervised by :
(A)    Election Commission of India
(B)    State Election Commission
(C)    District Collector and District Magistrate
(D)    Concerned Returning Officer

50.    Which opinion is not correct?
(A)    Education is a subject of concurrent list of VII schedule of Constitution of India
(B)    University Grants Commission is a statutory body
(C)    Patent, inventions, design, copyright and trade marks are the subject of concurrent list
(D)    Indian Council of Social Science Research is a statutory body related to research in social sciences

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